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Out of all the scuba vacations and beaches around the world, there are few Caribbean islands, beaches, scuba diving and Caribbean resorts that top the Grand Caymans. Bermuda, Bahamas and Antigua don't compare to what the Grand Cayman islands and its Caribbean beach resorts have in store.
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Dive by day, dance by night, and enjoy the always-enticing tropical umbrella drinks. is the perfect vacation for a scuba fan. A number of places bordering the Gulf of Mexico, Pacific and Caribbean islands, provide a one-stop vacation for diving enthusiasts. We located some of the best places to plan a scuba vacation and surfer's paradise without sacrificing the luxury of an expensive beach resort.

Caribbean resorts beach resorts Australia travel scuba diving Caribbean islands beach vacationsGrand Cayman scuba and beach vacations: To view the best underwater coral, angelfish, parrotfish and shipwrecks, visit the Grand Cayman islands. scuba diving Caribbean islands Australia travel beach resorts Caribbean resorts beach vacationsToday, with over 50 dive operators in business, the booming economy of the Cayman Islands focuses on those who come to dive the clearest waters in the Caribbean. Colorful creatures swim against a backdrop of ancient tunnels and archways. Most divers stay close to the West Wall. With depths of only 70 feet, Bonnie's Arch is great for new divers. Divers enter through a thick coral archway to a world filled with colorful angelfish, triggerfish and filefish. The Sand Chute on the West Wall is home to stoplight parrotfish, yellowtail snapper, and sharp nose puffer fish. Don't miss the popular shipwreck dives, the Oro Verde and the Doc Poulson, or if you like, stingrays, this is the underwater habitat for you. On the North Sound flats, divers encounter as many as 50 rays at a time, tamed over the years by local fisherman stopping in the shallow water to clean the day's catch. Advanced divers can also try excursions in the East End, outside the barrier reef, with drops that range from 45 to 90 feet. Although the Caribbean islands are mostly calm in the summer, temperatures are always warm and inviting in the Caymans. For more information contact the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism: (212)682-5582.
Belize scuba and beach vacations: Belize is the underwater mecca of coral, horse-eye jacks, manta rays and the infamous sea turtles. With vast rainforests and intriguing Mayan ruins, Belize offers visitors a wealth to explore. But for divers, the island's biggest draw is the barrier reef, second in size only to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. The reef runs the entire length of the 185-mile-long island. Divers can swim through tunnels that connect huge coral spur formations. Late winter and early spring is the best time to see manta rays and whale sharks. Turtle nesting season begins in late spring and brings huge sea turtles to the waters around Amerbergris Caye. Hot Chan Marine Preserve is one of the most popular diving and snorkeling spots, even for novices. During the day, hundreds of reef fish can be seen hiding behind big coral heads, large grouper and hogfish. Underwater sightings also include large schools of horse-eye jacks, spadefish, yellowtail snapper and blue-bar jacks. Many divers also make it a point to schedule a night dive when the stingrays come out to play. Another landmark dive in Belize is the famous Blue Hole, immortalized by Jacque Cousteau. The best time to visit Belize and go scuba diving is during the dry months between January and May; June through September tends to be very wet with persistent rainfall. vacation packages travel tourism discount vacations discount travel resorts adventure travel discount cruises

British Virgin Islands and Caribbean resorts: The Caribbean islands hold some of the dangerous and mysterious beauties of the sea like shipwrecks, barracudas and sharks. People needing to escape life's stresses and history buffs alike will find the British Virgin Islands to be a safe haven. One highlight of diving these waters is the number of explorable shipwrecks, such as the famous R.M.S. Rhone and the lesser-known Chikuzen. On any given day, sharks, jacks and shoals of barracudas can be seen swimming the waters around the Chikuzen 
Send it to us and prepare everything in joom. Quaint romantic inns dot the beach and sailboats hang just off the shore. Those who treasure quiet evenings and a good meal in the warm, open air, will savor what these islands and beaches have to offer. With consistent weather year-round, anytime is a good time to visit.
North Coast Australian travel: Travel Australia to enjoy the world's greatest beach resorts and vacation getaways. Along with the Australian beaches, you'll want to explore the infamous Great Barrier Reef of Australia. On the North Coast of Australia, we've discovered a surfer's paradise for surfers and beach junkies alike on the coast of Australia's beaches. Visit the surf seeking pilgrimage of the East Coast of New South Wales between Sydney and Byron Bay. The route follows that blazed by the Sydney Surfers in the Early 60's following the introduction of the Malibu surfboard into Australia and is the same route followed by Australian surfers today. You can camp out in remote locations, surf and explore the beaches and headlands. You will almost certainly see a variety of wildlife on and around these Australian beaches, including kangaroos, wallabies, eagles, dolphins and a wide selection of other bird and aquatic life. Most of the Australian beaches in this area offer safe surf conditions.

It's a toss-up between the remoteness and pleasure at the Caribbean islands and the diversity of Australian travel, but either way, you're guaranteed to have a wonderful beach vacation.

Caribbean islands scuba diving Australia travel beach resorts Caribbean resorts beach vacations

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Australia travel scuba diving Caribbean islands beach resorts Caribbean resorts beach vacations

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